Why do I need a title company?

A title company legitimizes a piece of property by thoroughly investigating the history of a title, finding any and all liens, changes in ownership, potential debts, and other possible issues that could be passed to a new owner. They will also likely offer title insurance. Purchasing title insurance guarantees that you won’t be responsible for any damages sought for title related issues.

Some property owners may try to sell a piece of property because of issues with liens and unpaid taxes. Because of this, you should always contact a professional title company when buying to ensure that what you’re buying is truly going to be yours. Think of it as starting from a fresh slate.

Just as any insurance offers peace of mind for a small fee, as does title insurance. The difference here is that you only pay once. That’s right, you only pay once up front and that protects your title for life. Additionally, most home loans can include title insurance, saving you from an additional payment to worry about.

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